Reversing the Reformation: The Catholic/Evangelical Accord Examined

 "Who has bewitched you?" was Paul’s cry to the Galatians when they had accepted those who preached a false gospel. 

Two thousand years later the Church finds itself again embracing those who preach a false gospel. True, biblical Christianity has always held that salvation is by faith in Christ alone. Many of the Reformers lost their lives standing for this truth inface of the opposition from Roman Catholicism. 

Amazingly, leading Evangelicals and Roman Catholics have now joined together to sign a document that in a sense, reverses the Protestant Reformation. 

In his work, Reversing the Reformation: The Catholic/Evangelical Accord Examined, Pastor Gil Rugh examines this historic document and answers the following questions:

  • Roman Catholicism in line with biblical Christianity?
  • Are the one billion Roman Catholics who believe a different gospel saved?
  • Can Evangelicals and Catholics join forces promoting the Gospel of Christ?

Reversing the Reformation: The Catholic/Evangelical Accord Examinedwill give the reader a better grasp of the issues involved in this document, and the proper response for Christians.

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