One of the greatest privileges Christians have is talking to God through prayer. However, many people are mistaken about what God hears and does not hear. It is hard to believe that something so simple could be misunderstood by so many people. In Prayer, Pastor Gil Rugh turns to the pages of Hebrews, Philemon, 2 Corinthians and to other passages that reveal what God has said about our communication with Him, and that address several questions: 

  • Does God somehow need my prayers to get things done? 
  • If God is completely sovereign, what is the point of praying about something? How does my prayer affect God's will? 
  • What kind of attitude should I have in prayer? I know I am to approach God boldly, confident that I will receive what I am asking for, but something about that bothers me. 
  • Does God hear everyone's prayers? 
  • Will God answer all prayers? 
  • Does prayer really make a difference?
  • Why do we need to pray since God is omniscient (knows everything)? 

Prayer will help you understand what God says about this privilege, which He extends to His children, and its role in the life of the believer.

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